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Lucky us, we have managed to officially find the most hideously looking dogs on planet EARTH!  For the first time in my life, I wished that I could have and could operate a shotgun…put these things out of their misery!!I love ugly dogs because sometimes they are just so ugly that they are cute…but these peruvian dogs […]

In Chile it was AVACADO heaven, here in the land of ancient treasures, Perus mangos send me on a high!  From street vendors and in supermarkets, they are smiling at me from every angle.  I bought 4 huge, beautiful mangos for 2 soles–a total of approx. 50 cents (euro)~or 1.25 canadian $.  They are perfectly […]

Südperu uns insbesondere die berühmte Gegend um Machu Picchu ging im Regen unter. Wir entschieden uns, von Lima aus den Norden Perus zu bereisen. 3 ½ sehr abwechslungsreiche Wochen mit drei unterschiedlichen Teilen standen auf dem Programm: Berge, Kultur und Strand. Zunächst die Berge. Wir fuhren nach Huaraz, dem peruanischen Zentrum für Outdoor-Aktivitäten. Die Cordillera […]