Archiv für Februar, 2010

Brazil is the last country on our journey through South America and we are very happy, that our first week there was already added to one of our „round the world“ highlights. We started in Sao Paulo, where we stayed with Renata, a friend I have known for more than 10 years. She nicely welcomed […]

Lucky us, we have managed to officially find the most hideously looking dogs on planet EARTH!  For the first time in my life, I wished that I could have and could operate a shotgun…put these things out of their misery!!I love ugly dogs because sometimes they are just so ugly that they are cute…but these peruvian dogs […]

In Chile it was AVACADO heaven, here in the land of ancient treasures, Perus mangos send me on a high!  From street vendors and in supermarkets, they are smiling at me from every angle.  I bought 4 huge, beautiful mangos for 2 soles–a total of approx. 50 cents (euro)~or 1.25 canadian $.  They are perfectly […]

Südperu uns insbesondere die berühmte Gegend um Machu Picchu ging im Regen unter. Wir entschieden uns, von Lima aus den Norden Perus zu bereisen. 3 ½ sehr abwechslungsreiche Wochen mit drei unterschiedlichen Teilen standen auf dem Programm: Berge, Kultur und Strand. Zunächst die Berge. Wir fuhren nach Huaraz, dem peruanischen Zentrum für Outdoor-Aktivitäten. Die Cordillera […]