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We crossed the border from Valparaiso (Chile) to Mendoza (Argentina) and some things got even better: The steaks here are just fantastic. (Sorry, amigos in Chile, your steaks are very good as well, but Argentina plays in a different league…). The drive to Mendoza across the Andes is just like being on an organized tour […]

I think my legs deserve a tiny break from flying. Our 14 hour flight from Auckland to Santiago de Chile did my veins in to the point of near explosion. .Varocose veins are always a catastrophic souvenir. Santiago just sounded good to me; this being my 1st touch down on South American soil. We were […]

Thommy and I are blessed with such incredibly loving and supportive family and friends!!! Thanks a million for all your positive encouragement and sweet wishes to Us! The happy gingerbreads are still OVER THE MOON WITH JOY and are in the process of planning a small wedding celebration where the fantastic canadians will finally get […]

Am 30.10. war unser Bergfest – es war auf den Tag Halbzeit unseres geplanten „freien Reise-Jahres“. Am 30.4. waren wir gen Delhi gestartet, seither haben wir unglaublich viel gesehen und erlebt. Ich glaube bis auf Whitneys zweimal 6 Stunden Massage-Kurs in Thailand (von dem ich übrigens bisher noch nichts hatte) und 4 Stunden Silberschmied-Kurs in […]


One day a handsome gingerbread man meets a fine, young gingerbread girl One day they kiss & fall in love One day she moves to the land of gingerbread houses in Germany The gingerbreads are very happy & travel this big & beautiful world together One day the handsome gingerbread man asks the young gingerbread […]